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Creating an electronic-free zone – but how?

In this day and age, the thought of going fully offline – or even just limiting one’s access to the internet – and swearing off smartphones, laptops and tablets may sound ludicrous, something out of an idealist’s dream or simply something completely unreachable to most of us who are connected to the internet in some capacity.

Trying to get away from electronic gadgets and creating an electronic-free zone is not just hard, but it is also necessary, especially if one is determined to make it as a creative in any given field of expertise and work. I am a journalist, I was born extra-curious, and my need for information and knowledge is infinite. So to get online to me is like opening a door into the world, unveiling previously unknown facts and getting in touch with like-minded souls.

Facebook is my main newsfeed these days, and I also use it to share information and knowledge that I deem useful to my peers, but it is also a time drain, and one of my fiercest enemies in my constant fight against procrastination (a battle that seemed never-ending, but one that I decided to resolve by forfeiting, swallowing down my pride, accepting the defeat, and joining the ranks of the enemy. But more on that later, in another post). I tried a few things to cut back on my Facebook consumption, but nothing proved as effective as me summoning my own will power and self-restraint and reminding myself that I should’t be on Facebook that much. If this is really going to work in the long run is yet to be seen.

I know that in order to be creative and have more time to employ to nobler enterprises – such as, maybe, writing a novel, or just posting everyday on my blog – I must drown out the noise of the internet, get away from my plethora of gadgets, and just be quiet. Quiet creates silence in my mind, which in turn gives me clarity, which allows me to listen to my own ideas and heed them. Like the idea to this blog post. The inspiration came to me as I was going to bed last night. Because I didn’t take note, I spent the whole day today trying to remember the title above – the inspiration for which came to me along with the idea for the post.

As I cut down the distractions, I can listen to my own mind working. It may still be an idealist’s dream, but in my quest to being my better self it is definitely worth trying.


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